Volume 2

September 21, 2021

Teacher Tina & Teacher Meskerem                        9/20 to 9/24                           

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Teacher Tina:

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WELCOME TO OUR NEW AND RETURNING FRIENDS AND FAMILIES! We are excited to continue our weekly ramp up check in home visits with you and your family. We will also continue sending you and your family our weekly newsletter and home learning activities. Remember to check your email for your weekly newsletter and your texts for the weekly home learning activities

Important information and reminders


 Sign up to get your child a Seattle Public Library Card!!! Its Free!

We will be starting doing socializations next week

We will update you on the days and times soon.

Our 1st parent center meeting is Tuesday September 21st. It starts at 5:30pm. Please look for the flyer and zoom link in your email. We really hope you can join us

We hope you are enjoying this nice weather we have been having. Try and get outside at least 1 time a day if you can to get some fresh air. Go on a walk and talk about the things that you see around you. Encourage your child to talk about what you see around you

Fun at the ocean


Encourage your child to read to you or listen to you read to them at least 30 minutes each day.


Movement / Play

Drawing and cutting shapes

What you will need is some paper and scissors and do not forget something to draw with. First practice drawing some shapes and next you will cut out the shapes. You can ask family to help you if you need it.

Movement Activities

Jack Hartmann



Here is a few videos from Teacher Tina

Click on the links below


Making bubbles at home


Art / Writing

Shape collage art


After drawing and cutting out shapes out. Get a new piece of paper and some glue or a glue stick and glue your shapes to the paper. Try and create a picture with your shapes. Enjoy and have fun.


Shape recognition with Teacher Tina


Teacher Tina doing shape art collage