Volume 1

September 20, 2021

September 20-24, 2021 NEWS TEACHERS REBECCA


– I will keep doing 10:00-10:45 am classes except when I have a training and then I will let you know the week or a few days before what other time I can meet.

– Come to the Tues. 9/21 meeting at 5:30 on Zoom for more updates.  This meeting will discuss very important topics and answer parent questions so hope you can come.
Time: Sep 21, 2021 05:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Social Emotional

At the end of the day ask your children how did they help (or work together with)  their brothers/sisters, friend or yourself today?

To give them ideas, read this book about elephant and piggy sharing a game with their friend Brian the snake.

Skills: conversation about sharing/helping, vocabulary, recalling parts of a story

SKILLS: conversation about feelings

Language / Literacy


Never Let a Dinosaur Scribble:



-Look at this video of Max who really wants to make his grandma a birthday cake and learns to write a list for the grocer

-then have your child help make you a drawing or some writing about your grocery trip  Bunny Cakes

Here’s an I-spy list that I modeled for my child on a train trip, and I just found in an old notebook. I don’t think we found 11 of different things: I think she was writing tally marks to share that she found one of each of the items at a time. So I think we found two green bags and two babies 🙂



Watch this Aiken drum song book with the words highlighted by a moving puppy :-

And/or play this video of musicians performing Aiken drum with props


LANGUAGE SKILLS: Vocabulary/conversation practice/writing letters to identify pictures =labeling

Art / Writing

Go hug a tree in the park or by your house: one that you see all the time! (Feel the bark: is it bumpy? Is it smooth?)

-If you see any leaves or clusters of Pine Needles on the ground, pick some up.  —-Bring your needles or leaves home and paint on or with them. If you have a pine branch piece you can dip it into food color and water or some other paint and paint with it on paper

Skills: touching and seeing. Vocabulary of prickly, bumpy, smooth. Art extension shaking a brush/branch and printing with leaves

SKILLS: motor skill of painting, conversation skills, vocabulary

Math / Science


Write the numbers one through 10 on small papers and  make your child a list with the same numbers.

-Then you or one of their brothers and sisters hide them all around the room.

-Put on some sneaky music ( have them sneak around and find them.  Extra credit for your kid: have them sort out numbers one through 10 from the matching cards and have them write the numbers one through 10 on a paper first :-))

Skills: Number recognition, self- initiative



Trace your shadows with chalk on the pavement and ASK THIS:

  • Is a shadow the same size and shape as the object being traced?
  • How does the length, shape of the shadow change during the day?
  • How does a shadow change when an object is closer to/farther from the light source?
  • Does a clear (see-through) object cast a shadow? Try glasses or a piece of plastic.
  • What color is a shadow?
  • How does a shadow change if part, or all of it, is cast against a wall?
  • How can you make a shadow look fuzzier/sharper?
  • Try this activity at the same times of the day, but in a different season. How are the shadows the same or different?


A shadow is created when an object blocks light from a light source. The qualities of the shadow are determined by the type of light source and the position of the object blocking the light. An umbra is a type of shadow that is created when an object blocks all of the light. A penumbra is a type of shadow that is created when an object blocks only some of the light. 


Problem Solving


“Abra-Ca-Dabra” Memory Game from:

This game is an absolute favorite in our home. You take 3 objects that are really familiar to the child (that they can easily recognize and name) and place the items in a row on the floor. Take a small towel or cloth and cover the items. Wave your hands over the cloth and say “Abra-ca-dabra!” and as you lift up the cloth, grasp one of the items in your hand (so that only two items remain on the ground). Now ask your child to guess which item is missing. Let him peek inside of the cloth to see if he’s right! This activity facilitates their ability to use logic and make predictions!

SKILLS: listening & taking turns, and following directions and recognizing numbers

Movement / Play

Jungle Safari movement with animal noises but no music:

SKILLS: muscle practice & exercise include balance activities