Volume 2

September 13, 2021

Teachers: Martha Dominguez and Mamata Das

Home Learning Fall 2021-2022

Newsletter Volume 2| Week of 09/13-17/2021

Video: How to Keep Social Distancing

Surviving Separation Anxiety

Video: Wash Your Hands

Social Emotional

60 minutes

Stick and Stone: Ferry, Beth, Lichtenheld, Tom: 0783324917499:  Books

Story: Stick and Stone

Video: What Makes You Special

Español Palo Y Piedra

  • Families can talk about bullies. Do you stick up for friends? What do you do if someone taunts (teases, provoke) them?
  • How does the illustrator give a stick and a stone movement and feelings?
  • How does Stone free Stick when he’s stuck? What would be impossible for a stone to do?

Parents: Ask your children how will they react in a situation like that at school?

Las familias pueden hablar sobre los acosadores. ¿Defiendes a tus amigos? ¿Qué haces si alguien se burla (se burla, provoca)?

  • ¿Cómo le da el ilustrador un movimiento y sensaciones a un palo y una piedra?
  • ¿Cómo Stone libera Stick cuando está atascado? ¿Qué sería imposible de hacer para una piedra?

Padres: Pregúnteles a sus hijos, ¿cómo reaccionarían en una situación como esa en la escuela?

Art / Writing


How to Make an Origami Alphabet

Alternatively, you can try to do your name like shown here!

Math / Science

60 minutes

Receta de Pico de Gallo | Cómo Hacer Pico de Gallo | SyS - YouTube

Video: Como hacer Pico de Gallo

If you would like to enhance this fresh appetizer; add avocado to it, and eat it with tortilla chips, or tostadas. Of course, you can add it to your favorite meat!

Same Recipe English Version:


4 tomatoes, 1 half of a medium onion, about 1/3 bunch of cilantro; add more if needed. 1 large avocado, and 1 lime if you like it sour, Salt to taste.

I always make this recipe in the classroom with the children; it is a great activity where children use all of their five senses; not to mention practicing their fine motor, problem solving, and social and emotional skills.

Language / Literacy

60 minutes

¡Día de la Independencia Mexicana!!

Video: September 16th: Mexican Independence Day! By Infotopia this show a piece of history of how Mexico got its independence!

Frida (English Language Edition): Winter, Jonah, Juan, Ana: 9780590203203: Books

Story: FRIDA

DIY Papel Picado (Mexican Perforated Paper) - YouTube

Video: How to Make Papel Picado

I liked how she explained the history of PAPEL PICADO as she makes it.

Materials: Assorted tissue paper, scissors, glue stick, and yarn.

Problem Solving

60 minutes

Story: It’s Okay to be Different

It's Okay To Be Different (Todd Parr Classics): Parr, Todd: 8601400302347: Books

Open to see link to see activity!



  • Understand that people have unique experiences, strengths, and ideas.
  • Explore and incorporate people’s differences to enrich learning.

Materials Needed

Getting Started

  • Print the reproducible and make copies as needed.


  1. Think about one way you are unique and different—for example, you like to wear mismatched socks, you can whistle any tune, your favorite hobby is crocheting, and so on—and share it with children. Then ask them to think about one way they are unique and different and encourage volunteers to share their ideas.
  2. Read aloud It’s Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr. Afterward, ask children, What can you learn from this book? What lesson does the author want you to understand? Talk about all the ways the book says people can be different. Guide children to understand that the author wants them to recognize that everyone is different—and that is okay! (Circle back to your initial discussion and talk about how everyone shared something that makes them unique, which also makes them special.)
  3. Give each child a copy of the reproducible. Have children think about four different things that make them unique and different—their favorite food, their favorite place to go, a special hobby or talent they have, and anything else that makes them different for the “I Am ME!” space (for example, they wear glasses, they have long hair, and so on). Encourage them to draw a picture for each category.
  4. Allow children to share and talk about their completed reproducible.

Extended Learning

Create an “I Am Different because…” bulletin board. Provide construction paper and have children draw their favorite thing about themselves.

Movement / Play

Run and Drop Color Match

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  • Children will develop gross motor skills.
  • Children will improve balance and coordination.
  • Children will recognize colors.

Materials Needed

Getting Started

  • You will need a large, open area for this activity.
  • Place the largest pom-poms in a basket.
  • Place the colored cups opposite the basket—a bit of a distance away.


  1. Show the child the colored cups and tell the child that these are your targets. Point out the basket of pom-poms and talk about all the different colors.
  2. Explain that the object of the game is to sift through the pom-poms for colors that match the cups and then run to the targets and drop the pom-poms in the matching-color cups.
  3. Model the activity once.
  4. Then invite the child to go! (If multiple children are participating, remind them to watch out for each other as they run.)
  5. Keep going until all the cups are filled with pom-poms.

Extended Learning

For more fun ways to develop gross motor skills while practicing math, try our Let’s Get Moving! Numbers & Counting Kit.