Volume 2

September 13, 2021
Nicole(Option B)   

Bahiya (Option A)

Contact info: Nicole: nicolek@nhwa.org


Bahiya: bahiyas@nhwa.org

Check out Teacher Nicole’s recorded story time!!! Click the links below. Password: NH

Story Time: Three Little Super Pigs (Part 1 of 2): https://vimeo.com/447530509

Story Time: Three Little Super Pigs (Part 2 of 2): https://vimeo.com/447532872

Password: NH

 TIPS: Read to your child daily!!  Read this article below for more information.

Why Reading Aloud to Kids Helps Them Thrive |… | PBS KIDS for Parents


Resources  Resource: Sign up to get your child a Seattle Public Library Card!!! Its Free!


Language / Literacy


  1. Find things around the house that start with the letter C and D. Talk about the letters C and D sound



  1. Practice writing Letters and your name

3. Use Wikki Stix to create Letters


SONGS We Know:

Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree


Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed


Here are some books links from our live sessions last week.

  1. Hey that’s my Monster https://video.link/w/JF52b

2. Pete the Cat 4and His Four Groovy Buttons


3. Three Little Pigs!!