Volume 2

October 18, 2021

Toddler Class 114B – Teacher Saida

Newsletter – Week of October 18th          Volume 2                                                                                                                    



Hello every one I hope you are all well and happy with your families.

Parent is first teacher and I hope you teaching more things to your children.

Every week we send  to you a Newsletter,  every day you can choose one and use 20 or 30 minutes  to teach your child.

Problem Solving

Approximate time per week: 20

For the toddler to participate in show and tell or other way to share verbally with others in a small group. At home, during meal time conversations in which person has a chance to contribute, encourage the child to show and talk about things has discovered or created. A fun way to find show and tell objects at home is take a walk and give each child a bag for found objects. When you return, invite what she found and name it; for example, a leaf. Stick or rock.

Language / Literacy

Approximate time per week: 20 minutes.

For the toddler to expend language skills by talking about details in picture books.

  1. When looking at a book with a 2-year-old, ask him to identify things in the pictures. Begin by asking him, “where is {the dog}?
  2. Choose another simple item in the picture and ask the child to point to the item you have chosen.
  3. Continue by asking him to identify other items in the picture.
  4. Later, ask him to tell you is pictured on the page by asking him, “what is this?

Math / Science

Approximate time per week: 20 minutes

Explore measuring tools, such as measuring cups, or a ruler.

Chart and talk about changes your child’s height and weight.

Identify two geometric shapes, such as a circle and a square.

Explore outdoors with your child look for patterns, size, number and shapes in nature and community.


Identify weather, such as sun, rain, snow.

Know that people and animals can live different kinds of places such as fish living in the water.

Problem Solving

Approximate time per week:  20 minutes.

For the toddler to learn to stack with blocks and other objects.

While your toddler is watching, build a two-block tower. Give her two blocks and encourage her to make a tower also. You may find that some blocks work better for toddler than others. Empty yogurt cartons work well for first stacking. Label all of your actions: “I’m building a tower. Now, I’m knocking the tower down.”

Place two blocks side by side, and use one to push the other in a train-like fashion. Again, remember to label all of your actions.

Encourage her to stack other things as well as basic building blocks.

Materials: Blocks of all different kinds.

Movement / Play


Approximate time per week: 30 Minutes.

For the toddlers to hit a ball with a hand or bat, furthering eye-hand coordination.

The child may enjoy batting at a very lightweight ball with his hands and arms or using a very lightweight plastic bat. Toss the ball to him and encourage him to hit ball as it comes to him.

You could also hang a ball from the celling and let the child practice swinging at it his hand or bat.

Material: Light balls of different size a small, very light weight plastic bat

Math / Science


Approximate time per week: 20 minutes.

Cutting with scissors: For toddlers to learn to cut using scissors, an important fine motor skills.

Get a piece of paper and the pair of scissors. Have the child hold the paper in one of her hands and the scissors in the other hand. Place your hand over her hand that is holding the scissors and show her how to cut the paper.

Continue cutting the paper together with the scissors. Once the child feels comfortable with this motion, let her cut the paper by herself.

Note: You may want to begin this exercise using child-friendly scissors that have blunt ends and a loop to squeeze instead of holes for the thumb and forefinger.

Materials: Child-friendly or regular child scissors, paper.