Volume 2

October 4, 2021

Toddler Class 114A – Teacher Devyn

Newsletter – Week of October 4, 2021                Volume 2        


Hello! Some new families have joined my class, so I am including the intro and announcements, and resources that I sent last week along with new activities!

My name is Devyn and I’m going to be your child’s teacher this year. I love working with toddlers because they are so curious and excited to learn. I am so excited to get to know all of you! Every week I will be sending out a newsletter with activities and resources for your family. If you have questions about anything or need other resources, you can reach me over phone or text at (206) 306-8098, or email at

There has been a recall on Boppy brand infant lounger products. If you have Boppy infant loungers in your home, you should stop using them and contact the Boppy company for a refund.


Social Emotional

When you are out in public with your child, for example at the store, look for times when you can talk about feelings. For example: if you hear a baby crying, you could say: “I hear someone crying! That might mean they are sad. I wonder why they are sad?” you and
your child can brainstorm reasons why a baby might cry.

Math / Science

Sing the ABC song with your child and try signing each letter in ASL!


Math / Science

Your child can help you get ready for meal times and you can make it a counting activity!
Before eating, ask your child to help you set the table. Show them where to put dishes, utensils, and anything else you need, and count out how many of each are needed! Ask: “We have five people in our family, so how many plates should we take out of the cabinet?”

Problem Solving

  • Try playing peek-a-boo with a doll or a stuffed animal!
  • Practice putting on a jacket independently and zipping it up!

Let your child try it themselves for a few minutes before offering help if they need it.

Teach Kids to Put On Their Own Coat (Tips from a Preschool Teacher) -  YouTube

Movement / Play

Practice different ways of walking! Music and movement go great together. Try putting on soft, slow music and practicing walking on toes, putting on loud drum music and practicing stomping, and putting on fast, energetic music and practicing running and jumping!

Art / Writing

While you are eating dinner, point out all the different colors you see in the meal. After you eat, get out some crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, or even play dough and sit down to make some art together! Invite your child to draw a picture of their food and talk about what other things are those colors.