Volume 19

May 3, 2021

Teacher Diane and Malika   

Learning Resources Volume 19


Virtual Rules   

  • Join 5 minutes before the Session starts   
  • Unmute the mic, turn on the camera   
  • Encourage the child to talk and sing   
  • Have materials close by   



Individualizations o Learning experiences that will gently challenge- but not frustrate your child.     


• Children see other children

• Sing songs and play games

Movement / Play



w/Teacher Keke   Tap Your Sticks/Spoons

  • Your child needs to be sitting

Language / Literacy

Graphics Practice


  • Set aside time for child to practice making fish bones- long line down, short line across; T  I  F  H  E  L
  • Half- eaten cookies- around and stop; C  P  D  B  S  G
  • Grass blowing in the wind- slant, slant; R  A  K  N  X  Y  Z
  • Bowls- down, curve up; U u
  • Ice cream cones- down, up, across and then around, close; V v
  • Stacking boxes- down, across, up, across (each box is a rectangle.  They get smaller and smaller smaller.) Tower


Book- The New Baby

Looking/listening to a story together- encourage child to talk, by asking the questions you heard during Story Lab

Story Time                             

(Learning Facts)

Biggest, Strongest, Fastest

Share the News

Learning to think aloud.




Math / Science

Venger Collage/ Learning Something New

• Making a collage design with circles and triangles

I Have Who Has Shapes


Art / Writing


Making a stethoscope for checking the newborns heart

drawing, coloring, cutting and twisting paper

Social Emotional

Setup a station with several choices.

Ask your child to choose one activity.

Observe to see if your child can stay engaged for 15- 20 minutes before starting another activity.


drawing with colored pencils                                     

Paper, scissors and glue                                               

play dough with scissors


This is a good link to click on while your child is eating breakfast or snack.


Problem Solving

Floor Puzzle- turning chaos into order


Tangram shapes with picture cards
give your child a set of tangram (7 pieces)

A picture card with or without the outline- observe while they turn chaos into order