Volume 18

April 12, 2021

Teacher Nicole and Teacher Bahiya

Volume 18
Week of  April 12-16

Tips: Promoting Independence

Set predictable routines: Establishing a consistent routine. Just like adults, when children can anticipate their day, they are better equipped to take on responsibilities. 

 Let them choose: Give them choices.

Let them help: When you allow your child to help, you foster their confidence and give them an opportunity to learn something new. 

Give them chores: Give your child simple task to do like cleaning up toys, helping put groceries away, loading dishwasher, hanging up clothes, cleaning table after mealtimes



Resource: Check out Tools of the Mind Website (TOTM)

I texted you the password for the website.

Art / Writing

Walk and Discover: Go on a walk with your child and find different color flowers. You can take a picture of your favorite one and try to draw it.

Encourage child to add color and more details to their picture. Ask your child about their picture and write one sentence about it.

Social Emotional

Talk to your child about Sharing. Watch Teacher Nicole’s Story time about Clark the Shark sharing. Ask your child questions like “What happens when we don’t share” “How do you feel if someone doesn’t share with you”


Math / Science

Math: Counting the Calendar: It’s a new Month!! Have your child count the days in April 1-30. Point to random numbers and ask what this number is? Have child Jump or clap the number.

Guess and Measure

Invite your child to put a set of measuring cups in order from smallest to biggest. Explore using the cups to measure items in the kitchen (water, rice, beans, etc.). Ask questions like,  “How many 1/2 cups are needed to fill one cup? How many 1/4 cups would fill up one cup?”

Language / Literacy

Alphabet talk: Talk about 3-5 things that start with each letter in the alphabet.

Read a book to your child or have child read a book to you. Ask your child questions about the book such as “What part of the story did you like” “what would you do if..”

Letter Scavenger Hunt Find Items in your house or outside that begin with the Letter T.