Volume 18

April 9, 2021

Teachers Rebecca and Nadifa-                                                       
Volume 16: Week of 4/12-16, 2021


Option B class is only Thursday and Friday of this week as Teacher Rebecca will be on vacation Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday a.m.  See the Pretend Section for some videos you can use for “virtual class” next week.  Newsletter set to 7.5 hours a week.

The SPS LIBRARY will be mailing out free books to families for the children we serve. Librarians Amanda and Kristen will be explaining this during a parent meeting, but families who didn’t already get a packet of learning materials an fill it out again.  Materials will probably be mailed out sometime in May. Here is a link to gather contact information for book distribution:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people who already had an infection to get vaccinated anyway. Roughly 20% of the population are children under the age of 16, who are not yet eligible to receive a vaccine — making it even more crucial that adults do get vaccinated. We will keep sharing new clinics as we have info.

Social Emotional

The emotions song!

Skills: Identifying emotions/self-regulation/conversation skills

Language / Literacy


Reminder: unite for has lots of awesome books in multiple languages Spanish Somali etc.!

You can read the books on your phone or straight from their website and there is audio if you show your kid how to turn the audio on and they have books about science and other things 🙂


Watch teacher Rebecca‘s video on our website with me reading a book called “we all go traveling by”


Here’s a read aloud of Why the sun & the moon live in the sky

Reading to your children and talking about the book with them helps them learn new vocabulary, process the information they read, relate the book to things in their own world, and helps them become engaged readers.

At the end of the book ask “What did you think about that story? Did it remind you of anything?”

The itsy-bitsy spider:

Try this “Rain on the green grass” chant  with Teacher Rebecca


Skills: Vocabulary/conversation skills/Fine motor holding pen/making letter shapes


Art / Writing

  • Have your kids draw pictures and write some words on a card to someone else in your family!
  • Show them how you address an envelope and have them help you put the stamp on.
  • When you’re going to the store have them help you make a list with writing or even just pictures. This can keep them busy in the store because they can read the list back to you to help you remember what you want to buy and help look for items.
  • Write upper case letters and make faces, animals, interesting people, or other pictures out of them.

Try drawing with crayons and painting over it with watercolor

First read a book:

Pete the cat and crayons:

See how to do crayon resist

Skills: Drawing with intention/)putting two games together -adding new techniques and options to storytelling ability

Math / Science

Math: Make a Tic-tac-toe/ #9 board for your children and give them a box of toys to sort. Ask them if they can find three of something? What else can they find three of?   Maybe they can fill in the whole board with some thing of all one color.

Things to think about while you watch your children play are: how are they arranging their toys?

  • Do you notice your children sorting things by color or size as will be useful in math?
  • Do they notice the numbers or letters on toys and objects?

Last week in animal exploration, we learned about bugs


Problem Solving

Construction Problem-solving: make a ramp with boxes and cardboard for your toy cars or balls.  My ramp is made from a cut open paper towel roll propped up with a sock 🙂

Thinking game:

Which bear is missing from the pictures of bears and which bear was moved? You can make games like this yourself at home -use three animals

Skills: self-regulation of practicing and trying again, noticing what went wrong, recalling and remembering


Movement / Play

Use Teacher Rebecca’s videos for pretend play while she is away next week:

Zoom down the freeway and fly like an airplane!: 

“I’m going to drive my car” song: find a pillow or a circle shape for a steering wheel and come sing and drive with Teacher Rebecca  3.16.21 High Point Rebecca on Vimeo


Fire Truck Song: grab something red to wear on your head and something circular to use as a steering wheel and come drive along with me :



Here are some videos about community helpers including firefighters, doctors, 911 operators etc. to give you more ideas for pretend games


If you are too busy doing chores you can put this on and let your kids move like animals: “Animal Action” exercise video

Walking in the forest song helps your children act out creative dramatic play!  Option B class loves bears -can you tell?


Skills: indoor moving vocab/imagination and storytelling practice/moving for exercise