Volume 18

April 9, 2021

Teachers Bea, Lisa, Suzanne
Week April 12-16, 2021 Learning Resource

Message from your teachers!  

Hello everyone! We hope this newsletter finds you well and safe. Spring is finally here and it looks like the sunshine is here to stay for a while! J

In collaboration with families and staff, we have developed values for our program that we call program-wide expectations. You will be seeing and hearing these phrases regularly! These expectations reflect our mission to create learning environments that are inclusive and intentionally designed to be positive, safe, and supportive. Here are the four program expectations: Be Courageous, Be Curious, Be Compassionate, and Be a Community. More information will come soon!

To learn more about the Pyramid Model that we are using to implement these, please visit the NCPMI here at this link:

We have been hearing in the news that more and more people are getting vaccinated against COVID-19, which is comforting! We encourage all families to consult with their healthcare providers regarding the vaccine – in the table below you’ll find a link to the Washington State Department of Health with more info on the vaccine.

Also please remember our monthly parent meeting is THIS THURSDAY April 15 at 3:30! The link for that meeting is in the table below – hope you can all make it! J As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your teacher.

Vaccine info from Washington Dept. of Health
Link to Parent Meeting, April 15 at 3:30!    
Neighborhood House COVID page
Coping with Stress, from the CDC
Pyramid Model info (in connection with our new program-wide expectations):
Teacher Bea Email: Work Cell: (206)313-2646Teacher Lisa Email: Work Cell: (206) 480-7230Teacher Suzanne Email: Work Cell: (206)398-9699

Math / Science

Activities from Teacher Bea

Five Little Monkeys (Math, Movement)

Materials needed: Markers, scissors, paper grocery bags

Directions (with pictures below):

  1. On one side of a paper grocery bag, cut out a hole big enough for your child’s face to fit through (this way, they can wear it like a hat!) You can then draw little ears on the sides so it looks more like a monkey. (You can do this with multiple bags and have more people sing the song with you – the more, the merrier!)
  2. As you sing the 5 Little Monkeys song, your child can count down and help figure out how many monkeys are left! Here are the words to the song:
    1. Five Little Monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head! Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”
  3. As you sing the song together, your child could jump up and down (just not on the bed!) to show how the monkeys in the song jumped around! They can also help you keep track of how many monkeys are left.
  4. If you have multiple children in the home, they can each have their own monkey hat and play the song together!

Activities from Teacher Suzanne


Create a recipe with your child by drawing pictures and using the measurements and words of your child. Below is just an example. A recipe can be as easy as you would like and you can use whatever you have at home. It also does not have to be food and it can be a pretend recipe.

You can use crayons, paper, and trace around measuring cups or draw circles.

Remember the picture here is just an example!

Language / Literacy

Activities from Teacher Lisa

Here’s a video of one of our ABC books! Think about the letter S and the sound it makes. After watching the video, your child can talk about what things they like on their sandwiches. Then, they can draw pictures and cut out shapes to make a paper sandwich – or better yet, do this at lunchtime and your child can help make lunch!