Volume 18

April 9, 2021

Learning Resource for Week 28 April 12-16

Message from Teacher Dave & Teacher Jessica:

We have some exciting news !

In collaboration with families and staff, we have developed values for our program that we call program wide expectations. You will be seeing and hearing these phrases regularly. These expectations reflect our mission to create learning environments that are inclusive and intentionally designed to be positive, safe, and supportive. Here are the four program wide expectations: Be Courageous, Be Curious, Be Compassionate, Be a Community. More information will come soon! 

To learn more about the Pyramid Model that we are using to implement these, please visit the NCPMI here at this link:


As the weather gets warmer, we want to acknowledge the importance of getting outside and staying active. Over the last few weeks, we have shared with you resources for keeping your body active, this week we also want to share with you some resources to keep your mind healthy. Below are some mental health resources for you to utilize if need be. Please do not hesitate to share the resources with members of your family or in your community.

Below are some Learning Activities for the week.

Math / Science

In Venger Drawing, children learn shape names as they explore how shapes are parts of bigger wholes. For example, a square could be a window in an apartment building, and a triangle could be the cone of an ice cream cone.


This week, have your child draw a circle on a sheet of paper. Once they have drawn it, invite them to draw a picture that can have circles in it. This week we did this activity and some drawings were; school buses, pizza’s, ice cream cones, as well as steering wheels.


Below is an example (though this one uses a diamond instead of a circle)

Science Eyes!

Spices. Get out some spices from the spice cabinet. You might use salt, pepper, cinnamon, or whatever you have. What does each spice look like? Spice vocabulary might include the words grains, seeds, powdery, etc. How does each spice smell? Vocabulary might include odorless, strong, grassy. After observing spices, draw a picture about what you noticed and label it with a few words.

Living in Seattle we have the amazing opportunity to be surrounded by water. In those bodies of water we often see boats, look at this video below of Teacher Dave talking about some of the boats we see. Use the password we have previously given you or ask us for it again.

Movement / Play

Using your knowledge of numbers, create a hopscotch board with sheets of paper OR chalk. This time start with number 11  instead of 1.  Look at the board below for some help.


Once you are complete,

Practice jumping along

From start to finish.


12                                            13


15                                             16


18                                            19