Volume 18

April 7, 2021

Teachers Martha Dominguez and Mamata Das | ECEAP Class 126

Spring 2020-2021 Vol. 18 Week of 04/05-09/2021

Tips & Resources

Safe Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic https://www.healthychildren.org/English/health-issues/conditions/COVID-19/Pages/Return-to-School-During-COVID-19.aspx

Ear, Nose and Throat


From Motor Skills to Sports Skills https://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/toddler/fitness/Pages/From-Motor-Skills-to-Sports-Skills.aspx

Social Emotional

Video: Elmo Meets Animal Families


Sesame Street: “I Love My Family”

Song: https://video.link/w/Lcahc

Family in my Heart Activity: Trace a medium size heart and have your child cut it. Using tempera paint, make child’s thumbprints, one for each family member, let it dry and draw face features and hair.

Language / Literacy

60 minutes

Springtime Babies https://video.link/w/wPPgc

Song: Baby Animals| Word Play| by PinkFong


Art / Writing

60 minutes

Playdough Letter Writing https://video.link/w/CN0hc

Xx is for

 X-Ray and Xylophone

Math / Science

60 minutes

Story: The Thing About Bees


Fried Honey Bananas Recipe Paleo


Video: Teacher Martha Sings Five Little Bees


Problem Solving

Story: “The Problem with Problems” https://video.link/w/VEzhc

Share with your children there’s different kinds of problems. It is very important to share them so you can help them solve the problems.


Note: The video will take a minute to upload and be ready.


By: PBS Kids



“Matching Lids”

Provide your child with 5-6 different types of containers without the lids and have your child math the lids with the right container.

Problem Solving

60 minutes

Dough Dance/Finger Gym Routine | Down in the Jungle https://video.link/w/VK0hc

Animal Tabata Workout for Kids with Mr. OOPY https://video.link/w/lp1hc

Wag Your Tail | Animal Action Verb Song