Volume 18

May 17, 2021

Hello Parents,

We’re halfway through May!  Thank you for all your work in helping your child discover and learn.  You are their first teacher!

Happy Learning!

Teacher Laura

WEEK: May 10th

THEME: listening to our world  


SHAPE: rhombus


Language / Literacy

15 minutes

When you wake up in the morning, what does the world sound like?

What do you hear?

If you woke up in the jungle or in the mountains, you might hear the sounds in this book!

LISTEN TO OUR WORLD by Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson

Art / Writing

45 minutes

PRACTICE WRITING YOUR NAME!                         

Parent please write your child’s name and have them copy what you wrote. Practice every day this week.

REMEMBER:  The first letter is upper case and all the other letters are lower case.

OOOEY GOOEY OOBLEC!    30 minutes

What happens when you mix water and corn starch? 

Find out with Teacher Laura in this video!

The recipe is simple:  one part water, two parts cornstarch.  

 I used I cup corn starch and ½ cup water

Math / Science

15 minutes

Finger Math – Show me Five!

This is for two or more players. Have a parent or older sibling call out “show me 5” and then the child holds up 5 fingers.  Keep going using all the numbers up to 10.

You can also ask for “another way”.  When your child holds up 5 fingers on one hand for “show me 5” you can ask ”show me another way to make 5”  and he can hold up 3 on one hand and 2 on the other, or 4 and 1.

Social Emotional


Who can you say “thank you” to this week?

When you ask for something, do you remember to say “please?”

Showing kindness with our words is very important.

Draw a picture of yourself and who you said thank you to?  How do you feel in the picture?  How does the other person feel?

Movement / Play

We learned this song in class this week!  Can you do the motions with Jack Hartman?