Volume 18

April 30, 2021

Ms. Hanifa

High Point – Community Center

May 3-7, 2021


  1. Tutorial for News Letter   https://vimeo.com/536903490
  2. Tools of the Mind link https://vc.toolsathome.org/wonderful-dolphin-3532 Explore in Parent Center.
  3. Use this link to receive learning materials from the Library:
    1. https://forms.gle/tyWY8LKN6ptzpNXt8
  1. Times for Curb Side Pick-Up:
    1. Where: HighPointLibrary
    1. When: Wednesday Friday and Sunday 12-6 pm
  2. Free Printing 10 pages per day :
    1. https://tbs.eprintit.com/portal/#/ppl/upload/seattlepl
  3. Eid – No Class
  4. Prepare all materials in backpack.
  5. REMINDER: Please remove any distractions (toys, TV, Distractions)
  6. REMINDER: Please have your child use the bathroom before class starts.
  7. All videos have a password please refer to the text message or email.

Tuesday May 4, 2021

Morning Class

Group Circle:

Classroom Chant, Expectations Review, Emotions Check-In, Social-Emotional Lesson Learns To Be A Better Listener. https://video.link/w/CGRpc , Attention Focusing Activity (Open Shut Them), Good Bye Song

Materials: Paper and color crayons

Afternoon Class

Group Circle:

Classroom Chant, Calendar (Months of the Year), Short Weather, Attention Focusing Activity (Open Shut Them), Mystery Question, Freeze Game, Two Clues Tuesday Activity, Good Bye Song

Wednesday May 5, 2021

Morning Class

Classroom Chant, Message of the Day (We are going to sing) , Show and Share (How can we be better listeners) and Good Bye Song

Materials needed:  Paper, marker

Afternoon Class

Group Circle:

  • Class Room chant, Graphics Practice  Story Lab:  Active Listening (TOTM), Letter Mystery Game, Good Bye Song

Materials needed: Magic board,  paper and marker

Thursday May 6, 2021

Opening Class

Group Circle:

  • Classroom Chant, Math Memory, Play plan focus (initial sounds)  Goodbye Song
    • Materials: Paper and marker/crayon or Magic Board

Afternoon Class

  • Classroom Chant, Calendar, Weather (Short), Mystery Question (green)  Attention Focusing Activity (Open Shut Them), Science Eyes Activity,  Freeze Game, Remember and Replicate,  Good Bye Song

Materials: Play Dough, Magic Board

Friday May 7, 2021

Morning Class

Group Circle:

  • Classroom Chant,  Review Weekly Learnings, Fine motor, Space Man, Activity, Good Bye Song
    • Scissor, News Paper/ Magazines, Glue

Afternoon Class

Group Circle:

  • Classroom Chant, Review Classroom Expectations, Calendar and Days of the Week, and Month of the Year (Short), Weather , Story Work Shop, Good Bye Song
    • Materials: Paper and Marker

Challenge of the Week:

Count all the windows in your house, keep track as you count every day and get ready to share in class on Friday May 8, 2021.

(15 minutes/ daily)

Movement / Play

Sing and move to Jack Hartmans son ‘Count to 20’ https://video.link/w/RSRpc .  (1-5 times a week for 15)

Language / Literacy

Literacy: Read any book practice active listening. Take pauses in the book to talk about what your child liked in the story. As well as share what you liked to.

Math / Science

  1. Review number recognition with this fun activity. Watch this easy to make video, https://vimeo.com/542755075

(10 minutes 3 times a week)

Art / Writing

  1. Review and draw Letter A-F using this fun and easy video https://vimeo.com/542755075
    1. A :Slant, Slant, Across
      1. a: around, stop, up, down
    2. B: Down, bump,bump,
      1. b:down,up,around,stop
    3. C: around stop
    4. D:Down, around, stop
      1. d: down, stop, up, down
    5. E: Down, across, across, across
      1. e: across, around stop
    6. F: Down: across, across
      1. f: curve, down, across,


Social Emotional

Watch this video Howard B Wiggle Bottom How to be a better Listener Watch: https://video.link/w/CGRpc

  1. Questions:
    1. How can you be a better listener in class
    2. What does that look like
    3. Practice at home