Volume 17

April 7, 2021



Every month we have an NH all class meeting with speakers plus several health trainings on different days.  1st Tuesday of each month health training with Nurse Rikki & 3rd Tuesday of each month is a mental health training with Erin (that flyer will come later).

Option B Classroom Meeting: Sun 4/25 3:00-3:45

Families that live in King County can sign up on a link that anyone can use to get free food delivered to their homes.

Seattle Public library has three ways that you can get books:

-you can come to the librarys that are open between 12-6 3 days a week in each area of the city. See the website of for their hours near you.  I do not need to reserve “board books“ and you can ask at the door for a set of three board books. Return when you are done.

-you can check out books online and go to the library on the three open days in your area to pick them up. If you need a library card you can fill out an application online ( SPL – Home | The Seattle Public Library

and you can call the librarians for help on the phone

Get Started | The Seattle Public Library (

-you can also check out e-books or audiobooks to listen/read on your devices. On your phone you can use an app called LIBBY to read or listen. You can also read some books on a tablet or a laptop using the “OverDrive“ system on a browser Books on Your Device | The Seattle Public Library (

  • Borrow e-books and audiobooks for three weeks
  • Find e-books and audiobooks in our online catalog
  • No software is required but you can download OverDrive’s Libby app to explore on iOSAndroid or Microsoft devices
  • You can play and download e-books and audiobooks in standard web browsers for Windows and Mac
  • E-books and e-audiobooks are checked in automatically after 21 days, unless you renew them

Social Emotional

Talk with your children about ways that they are brave. Circle goes into a scary cave to look for a friend. What does your child do that is brave?


Skills: Identifying emotions/self-regulation/conversation skills

Language / Literacy

We are practicing our ABC’s by drawing in fun ways –this book will give you great ideas!

Curious George ABC



WRITING PRACTICE: Write all the letters in your child’s name but leave one out. Can they fill in the missing letter out loud or in writing or both?



Here are two videos about how to sing and move to the Mr. Sun song



Language skills: Vocabulary/conversation skills/Fine motor holding pen/making letter shapes

Art / Writing

Make handprint flowers

Skills: fine motor tracing/counting fingers.

Math / Science

MATH: Telling time-Use picture daily schedules to help your kids understand what’s coming next. Wipe off boards or pretend clocks with taped on arrows can tell them what is next. They don’t need to work on the numbers as much as understanding the daily flow. But for older kids you can add the numbers to your schedule. Even writing 1,2,3 for 1st/2nd/3rd activity is helpful


Watch peas getting planted in this Rafi song video.

Is this how our beans will grow?


Skills: self-regulation w/new understanding of time/time concept of growth/seasons

Problem Solving

THINKING GAME: listen to the sounds and try and figure out what kind of weather it is

Skills: sound discrimination/matching sounds, recalling and remembering



Movement / Play

The option B class loves to talk about chickens! Move like a chicken and let your silliness out/relieve stress!  The chicken dance

Try teacher Rebecca’s moving challenges for this week: zoom down the freeway and fly like an airplane


Skills: indoor moving vocab/imagination and storytelling practice/moving for exercise