Volume 17

April 12, 2021

Starting a New Learning Unit
So we are starting a new learning unit. Last month we were learning about animals. Now we are going to move to a grocery unit. This is a lot more fun then it sounds. We will be learning about how the have a healthy lifestyle. If you have any suggestion or ideas please let me know.

Online Classroom Link And Updates
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Volume 17
April 12th—16th

Important Dates:
April 21– Library time
Apri 30– Parent Meeting
May 28– Parent Meeting
June 16– Library time

How to start a Family Vegetable Garden:
It is the spring time and it is a great time to start a vegetable garden. This promotes healthy living and great way to get your family excited about eating healthy foods. There are great ways to build one. This is an article the breaks it down into 10 easy steps.
You don’t need fancy equipment to start an garden. If you start from seeds you can start to grow the seeds in a egg carton. Seed and soil are vary inexpensive at the store. If you need more ideas Please ask me as I grow a small garden in my apartment. So if you need help or ides I would love to help you start.

Ms. Mareah Videos!
Me Teaching your child How to make a Shopping List. Password will be in the weekly email

Math / Science

Language / Literacy

How to make healthy Eating Choices

Art / Writing

Game: Reading Garden Game


Problem Solving

Social Emotional

Video: Rainbow Breath –Yoga like breathing

Movement / Play

Video: Wake up Workout for the family