Volume 16

March 26, 2021

Teacher Nicole and Teacher Bahiya

Volume 16
Week of March 29- April 2nd

Resource: If you have a family that are struggling with rent, here is the link for Seattle Housing Authority that families can contact for help.

 Also some organization are helping  to like;

Genesee Building – Neighborhood House
Location is 4431 MLK Jr Way S
Seattle WA, 98108
Telephone number is 206-923-6604
Families or individuals in imminent risk of homelessness (eviction, foreclosure, utility shut off) can get emergency financial aid. Funds help King County residents with rent, storage costs, security deposits, and other bills.

Very limited eviction help may be offered from All Seattle Kids Home. It is for residents with kids under the age of 25, including single moms or dads, immigrants, and low income. Grants for rent, case management, and more may be provided. Phone – 206-488-2692.

Salvation Army on Pike Street in Seattle (206-447-9944). The charity organization can provide emergency rent assistance for those low income individuals and families who have eviction notice. A counselor can also assist with move ins. Also food and limited utility bill assistance is offered. This is in addition to all rental programs.

Also we can refer them to Neighborhood House Stability department For more information, please contact Marilynn Harris at or by phone at 206-825-2581. Referrals are taken the first week of every month.

Resource: Check out Tools of the Mind Website (TOTM)

I texted you the password for the website.

Art / Writing

Draw a picture of that relates to Spring time: Encourage child to add color and more details to their picture

Math / Science

Pepper and Dish Soap Science Experiment: All you need is a plate or bowl, water. Pepper, and dish soap : Password NH

Math: Counting the Calendar: It’s the End of a new Month!! Have your child count the days in March 1-31. Point to random numbers and ask what this number is? Have child Jump or clap the number.

Social Emotional

Help your child write a short letter to someone they love. You can ask them want they want to say and you can write the words for them. They can draw a picture on the letter.

Movement / Play

Music with Pots/Pans and Spoons


Language / Literacy

Read a book to your child or have child read a book to you. Ask your child questions about the book such as “What part of the story did you like” “what would you do if..”


Here is a video of me doing the Spring Puzzle Try it at home! Password is NH

Letter Scavenger Hunt Find Items in your house or outside that begin with the Letter R.