Volume 16

March 26, 2021

Learning Resource for Week 26 March 29-April 2

Message from Teacher Dave & Teacher Jessica:

Thank you for another week of learning and exploration. As a reminder, the last Thursday of each month we have a parent meeting. This is a time for all the parents in our classes to come together and speak about a variety of topics. Attendance is encouraged and of course welcomed.

Over the last few weeks, we have been speaking about plants. Last week we had the opportunity to plant some daisies and track their growth. Here are some resources about planting as well as ways to stay safe outside.

Look for your local Pea Patch with this Map:

Here are some tips for gardening with young children:

An updated vaccine priority list for those wishing to get vaccine:

Language / Literacy

Story Extension

Pick your favorite book from your book area at home. Read it to your family. Once you are done, use a pencil to write what happens after the story is over.

Puddle Jump (Language/Literacy)

  1. Use construction paper and cut out shapes of puddles. Let your child write letters and you can let older children write words if they like (those getting ready for Kindergarten can try out small sight words like cat, go, we).
  2. Once you have your words or letters on the puddles, spread them out and tape them to the floor so they will not be slippery.
  3. Let your child jump on a letter or word, say the letter or word, and then jump on another. Another way to play: call out a letter or word, your child jumps on it, says it, and collects them one at a time as they jump! Then they can count how many puddles they got!


Watch the video below of Teacher Dave brushing his teeth! Ask me for the password if you need it.

https://vim /502825618

After you have viewed the video, use this song to brush your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed.

Math / Science

Rock Sorting 

Create a tally chart with the rocks you found. You can organize them into “feelings”. When you go outside, be sure to wear a mask.