Volume 16

March 25, 2021

Spring 2020-2021 Vol. 16 Week of 03/22-26/2021

* Eviction Prevention https://kingcounty.gov/depts/community-human-services/COVID/eviction-prevention-rent-assistance.aspx

*How to Prevent Food Poisoning   https://www.cdc.gov/foodsafety/prevention.html

* 5 Healthy Soup Recipes for Children https://video.link/w/f31dc * Food Service Guidelines:  Easy Access to Healthy Foods  https://www.cdc.gov/nutrition/healthy-food-environments/easy-access-to-healthy-foods.html

Social Emotional

60 minutes

Green Green a Community Gardening Story  https://video.link/w/B5hcc

Take a safe walk in your neighborhood and look for a Pea Patch, or a Community Garden. Have you child describe what she sees!

Does the garden looks green, or with plants, vegetables or flowers? If not, why do you think the garden looks like that? What is different in the environment right now?

Make your notes to make a graph on Thursday about your findings!


Language / Literacy


Book: What Can You See in Spring? https://video.link/w/BAgcc

Video: What Happens in Spring? https://video.link/w/K6gcc

Words with the letter “Ss”

Snail | Sunflower | Seeds | Sun | Spring

Private Speech: “Curve in, curve out” when writing letter S.

Can you make the letter “S” sound?

Art / Writing

60 minutes

Song: Mr. Sun, Sun Mister Golden Sun


Reminder: Use the materials you may have available at home. Like cereal and soda boxes are great to make the letter S and the sunflower. Use soil, sand or tree bark to fill them out instead of using seeds.

Math / Science

Story: Grow Flower Grow! https://video.link/w/J8zdc


I Plant a Seed! https://video.link/w/OR3cc


Practice Graphing with any small items by color, or shape.

Problem Solving

60 minutes

Tightrope Walking

Practice Balance https://www.education.com/download-pdf/activity/27818/

Another idea for older children:

Put a small ball between your knees, walk for about 4 – 6 feet and drop the ball into container.



How many cups can you stack?

Parents: Use cardboard to put between the cups make the tower steadier for younger children to continue building up.

Movement / Play

Snug’s House-Yoga with Carly 7 Minute Compilation https://video.link/w/Rmzdc

Giant Jenga Challenge with Ryan


5 Gross Activities with Pillows