Volume 15

March 25, 2021



Monthly group parent training: On March 23, 4pm there is a parent policy Council update/zoom presentation on the 1st weeks of kindergarten with NH & SPS staff


OPTION B GROUP will not do a breakout session during this time. You can come for the first part 🙂

Topic: March Parent Center Meeting

Time: Mar 23, 2021 04:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 812 3899 7805

Passcode: 1234

Social Emotional

What do you do when your friend is crying?  Sometimes I sing a song in class that I can’t find post it online:  it goes like this “what do you do when your friend is crying? You don’t know what to say, you don’t know what to say,… You take your friend into your arms, and you hug them, you take your friend into your arms and you love them!” Sometime I’ll find a link for you!  This song always helps people feel better online and in person!

Skills: Self-expression, vocabulary, conversation skills

Language / Literacy




Three Bears ABC book



WRITING PRACTICE: Play with letters! Write a bunch o: VVVVVVS then underneath draw some A mountains: “Line up the mountain, line down the mountain, road across the mountain.

Ask your child if they can make patterns with VAVAV: ask them what comes next?

Try: dbdb.  Tell your children “d belly left, b belly right”


A fun way to learn the alphabet!

Just in case you wondered which is alligator & which is crocodile?

Listen as I sing along to “let’s go driving in the car” by Laurie Berkner. Grab a Frisbee or a big circle shaped toy and drive along with me!



Language skills: Vocabulary of animals/conversation of animals & problem of the three bears having a stranger in their house/Fine motor holding pen/making letter shapes

Art / Writing

Decorate your house for spring! Maybe you can cut paper strips and have your kids help. Loop the strips and tape, connecting them into chains


Skills: fine motor skills of cutting/taping/conversation skills/alternate the colors to make patterns(math too)

Math / Science


1)Trace over recycled calendars/advertisements: do you have an old calendar? Give your kids a page and let them write the numbers underneath/on top.


2)make pretend money : give them a jar lid and wrap the “money“ in foil and draw numbers on it with a sharpie OR make “funny money“ coins with stickers of their favorite characters. How much Is a paw patrol sticker coin worth?

Science: When you go on a walk, can you find: two leaves the same size/color?

Two rocks the same shape?

Skills: number recognition/number writing/saying number names and money names out loud/Putting nature objects in groups “classifying”

Problem Solving


Option B kids are practicing songs with different people’s names in them.  Play guessing game with family names:

After dinner, Look at everybody sitting around together and say all their names.

Then have your child close their eyes and cover their face while one person tiptoes out.

When your child opens their eyes can they guess who is missing?

Skills: vocabulary, self-regulation/waiting practice, cognitive skills/recalling


Skills: vocabulary, self-regulation/waiting practice, cognitive skills/recalling




Bert and Ernie

Listen to teacher Rebecca’s song of driving in the car:   Password NH

or watch this video and play along. Option B kids were climbing with their arms, pulling themselves up a mountain with a rope, and rescuing a little goat last week:)

*Practice ABCs and moving! ABC upper case moving:

*Take a walk:

Take a walk inside: can your child find all the stuffed animals that need to go back into their boxes/on the shelves?

*Have you seen blossoms? Kids said my pictures of trees with blossoms look like snow. I said they look like popcorn flowers!  Look for flowers on trees and in the grass 🙂


Skills: virtual field trip/imagination and storytelling practice, whole body letter recognition/moving for exercise during household chores/moving for exercise while doing science observation!