Volume 15

April 12, 2021

Teacher Tina, Teacher Briseida                           4/12 to 4/16

Here are our emails:

Teacher Tina:

Teacher Briseida:

Email us anytime if you have any questions.

Spring is here!

Hi everyone,

We wanted to remind you we will be continuing our Family Theme.

Remember to join onto the tools portal so that your child can engage

In the online learning activities on the portal. Here are a few of the

Learning activities your child will see on the portal to engage in.

Resources- Check out the Tools of the portal website.

Click the link below

Your child can explore and learn online and interact in some additional learning activities. I emailed you the password.  

We appreciate you joining our video calls and socializations each week. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.

Art / Writing

How to make simple paint with your children.

It is a fun idea to also let your child mix colors and create new colors. If you do not have a paint brush you can use q tips or even using your fingers for finger painting.

Social Emotional

Encouraging conversations:


Talk with your child each day about how their day was. Ask them open ended questions so that you can have back and forth conversation with them. Some good times for this are:



Meal times

Driving in the car

Out on a walk

Bath time

While preparing or cooking meals.

Language / Literacy

As you read books with your children. Asking them open ended questions and encourage them to tell you what the story was about. Ask them to see if they can tell you some details from the story.

Encourage your child to find and read books about families.

*This is a video link of teacher Tina reading the story Mommy and me.


We are a Family by Jack Hartmann


Math / Science

Nature collage

First now that the weather is getting nicer outside go out on a walk and bring a bag or bucket for you and your child to collect items in. Bring all of your items home and get a piece of construction paper. Any color will work next sort through the items you found outside and be creative and glue the items on the paper.

Movement / Play

Making music with kitchen utensils. Have fun

Problem Solving

Sorting items

Like our math activity the attribute game you will sort the items you are using by sorting them by color by putting them in different piles.

Here is another video of Teacher singing our favorite songs.


Your child’s teacher will email you the password.