Volume 13

March 26, 2021

Teacher Tina, Teacher Briseida                           3/29 to 4/2

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Teacher Tina:

Teacher Briseida:

Email us anytime if you have any questions.

Hi everyone

We wanted to remind you we will be continuing our Family Theme this month. We will continue to introduce more and more about the

Family theme each week during our video calls and home visits. We will be reading books and watching videos about families, we will be talking about how families are the same and how they are different, we also will be talking about different things families do. We will talk about what you do in different rooms in your home. Examples: In the kitchen we…eat food, cook food, do the dishes-In the bathroom we brush our teeth, take a bath/shower-Bedroom, were we sleep, and were we play.

Resources- Check out the Tools portal website. (TOTM)

Click the link below

I will text everyone the password.

Video of Teacher Tina– Using tangram shapes or leggos whichever you perfer or have  at home

Password- NH

Social Emotional

Paint to music

This is a great way for children to relieve stress and express their emotions in a positive and healthy way.

First you can have your child grab their tools.

–  Paint

–  Paint brush

–  Paper to paint on

–  A small cup of water

–  Chose some calming music to turn on while you paint.

–  Enjoy and be creative

This is another idea and its fun:

Go outside one day and paint what you observe around you.


*Talk about good manners with your children.-During meal times is a good time for conversation.

-Also driving in the car/out on a walk.


Language / Literacy

As you read books with your children. Asking them open ended questions and encourage them to tell you what the story was about.

Encourage your child to find and read books about families.

A family is a family is a family read aloud

Click link below



Math / Science

Since we are doing our Family theme we are going to wash the dishes.

What you will need is to use the sink or a bucket or bowl. You will need to add some water and a small amount of soap. Encourage your child to help you wash dishes. They can also wash their toys or even a baby doll like it is bath time. Encourage your child to do these steps

1: Wash

2: Rinse

3: Dry them off


Movement / Play

* Sock basketball

With this activity you will gather a few socks from the laundry. You can fold them into a ball. Next you can get a bucket or box. Practice throwing the socks into the bucket/box and count how many times you make it in. This is similar to our bean bag toss that we do in our classroom.


Art / Writing

Don’t forget to: Write your name on your picture.

*ART- Draw your family and house.

Draw a picture of your family. Use crayons, colored pencils, markers you can even paint a picture of your family. Encourage your child to add detail to their picture. Ask your child to tell you about the picture. You can also encourage your child to draw a map of their bedroom or pictures of your house.


Problem Solving


Making and creating your own patterns.

You can use your color links to create your own patterns. If you do not have color links you can use toys like legos or color blocks.

Examples of a simple pattern- blue, green, blue green.

You could also do red, red, blue, blue, red, red, blue, blue. Another idea is to do this with crayons and paper. You could draw yellow circle, green circle, yellow circle, green circle.