Volume 12

January 3, 2022

Message from your teachers!  

Welcome to this week’s Learning Resource newsletter and HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you enjoyed the Winter break. In this week’s newsletter you’ll find some links that may be helpful or informative as well as some learning activities to try at home! If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to one of us. Thank you!

Teacher Lisa Email: lisap@nhwa.org Work Cell: (206) 480-7230Teacher Jieshan Email: jieshant@nhwa.org Work Cell: (206)532-6929Teacher Nuria Email: nuriao@nhwa.org Work Cell: (206)532-6927

Our four program-wide expectations are Be Compassionate, Be Curious, Be A Community and Be Courageous. This week we will focus on how children can Be Curious.

We are Curious when we:

  • Explore new ideas
  • Ask “I Wonder” questions
  • Imagine the possibilities
  • Test our ideas
  • Value the challenge

In this week’s learning resource, you’ll find an activity related to this week’s expectation. Let us know how it went!

Language / Literacy

Be Curious:

Find your favorite book and read it with a friend or family member. As you finish reading the book, think of what could happen AFTER the end of the story! Be Curious as to what the characters would do after the story’s ending. For example, if you’re reading Hair Love, what would Zuri do with her Mom now that she’s home?

Math / Science

Ride a Ferry!

https://vimeo.com/572646676 Watch this video of Teacher Lisa riding on a ferry boat! As you watch, try to count how many cars or other boats you see. Think about the water: is it cold? Warm? Did you see any clouds in the sky? These kinds of science questions can boost your brain and help you learn more about the world around you! Ask us for the password!

Legislators consider fare, fee bumps to pay for new state ferries

Math / Science

Find the missing number

On a piece of paper, write down numbers up to 10 or 15 (depending on your child’s skillset), but leave a few blank! See the picture below for an example:

Then hand the paper to your child and ask them, “What number is missing? Can you write down the missing numbers?” This will help them practice writing as well as help them remember what numbers look like and what order they go in!

Movement / Play

Clean up Song

In school and at home, it is very important that the kiddos always clean up after themselves once they are done playing with toys, eating, or doing any activity. This song teaches the topic of cleaning up, helping children understand that at the end of every activity, it is necessary to put everything in its place once they are done. Play this song so they know it is time to clean up and put everything where it belongs!

Link: https://video.link/w/LmpIb

Clean Up Song | Tidy Up Song | The Singing Walrus - YouTube