Volume 11

March 1, 2021

Learning Resource for Week Of February 22nd

Message from Teacher Paige:

Hello families,

While reading books this week to your child remember to ask them questions about how they feel about characters and events in the story. Talking about books during and after you read them can give  insight into how your child is feeling about a topic.

Please remember to complete this survey to have books, crayons, paper, and other learning materials sent to your home. Contact me if you need assistance completing the survey.

Language / Literacy

Listen to the book Happy in our Skin. After listening to the book talk to your child about some of the questions presented at the beginning of the book. Password is NH


Listen to the book Cantando de colores, a book all about colors. Click on the link below to listen.


Listen to, You Matter, with your child and talk about how characters feel in the book. Pause to ask your child questions or let them answer questions asked by the author.

Math / Science

Sorting: Kids love to collect things! And sorting requires your child to look closely at the different properties of an object such as color, shape, size, smell, and texture. When deciding which ones go together, your child practices another important skill—comparing and contrasting. Make a Sorting Box with an empty egg carton. Ask your child to find 10 small objects to sort. Have your child look at the objects and sort them by one property (e.g., color, shape, size) Once your child has sorted the objects one way, suggest that she tries sorting them a different way

Social Emotional

Use the picture cards below to think of a play plan with your child. Who do they want to pretend to be? What will they be doing? Have your child make a play plan by drawing a picture, drawing lines and maybe writing words to describe their plan for play. Then have fun pretending!

Art / Writing

Make a cake: To add to the grocery store play this week, make a pretend cake for the bakery. Use boxes to make a layered cake. You can wrap the boxes in paper, paint them, or just decorate with markers. Use ribbons, glitter, or scraps of paper to decorate the cake. This prop will lead to many more games for your child to play.