Volume 11

December 17, 2021

Teacher Diane and Malika   

Learning Resources Volume 11

Fall Learning    12/13- 17/ 2021

Socialization on Wednesdays @ 10:00


TIPS    (Preparing now for In Person Learning)

Make sure you click on all the blue links
Book/ We Wear Mask

Movement / Play

Language / Literacy

Looking/listening to a book together, pointing and naming everything

Book/ I Went Walking

Book/ Mama Zooms

Book/ Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

Book/ I Like It When…

Book/ On a Hot, Hot Day

Book/ Signs in My Neighborhood

Book/ My Car

Book/Just Like Daddy

Book/ What Colors Do You Eat?

Book/ Feast For 10

Book/ Ten, Nine, Eight

Have fun identifying your uppercase letters

Book/ The Three Bears

Book/ The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Graphics Practice

Around close                      O  O  O  O

Across                               _  _  _  _

Down                                 |  |    |   |

Down curve up                    U  U  U  U

Long line down, across       +  +  +  +

Around and stop             C   C  C   C

Slant                                /   /   /   /

Slant                         \  \   \   \






Math / Science

Find a calendar, practicing counting 1-10 or 1-20, touching each numeral

Positional Words Match

Have fun playing a counting game   (two sets of animals)

Have fun playing a shape game

Have fun identifying your numerals

Have fun counting how many bugs



Art / Writing

Practice drawing a person, then draw family members

Add stickers and cotton balls to drawings


Problem Solving

Complete the puzzle by dragging a shape to the outlined shape

Click on the animal by listening to the hints

Click on a puzzle piece and find the match