Volume 10

December 6, 2021

Teachers Suzanne, Mary, and Mimi
Week of Dec 6 – 10th    Learning Resource 

Message from Teachers

Hello Parents!

    Hope you had a nice weekend!  At this time, some of you may be celebrating or spending more time with family.  If you spend time outside, bundle up and stay warm and dry.   The cold weather is here.  

   As always, please feel free to contact your Teacher for questions and ideas you have.   

Have a great week! 

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Useful Links:

Our four program-wide expectations are Be Compassionate, Be Curious, Be A Community and Be Courageous. This week we will focus on how children can Be Curious.

We are Curious when we:

  • Explore new ideas
  • Ask “I Wonder” questions
  • Imagine the possibilities
  • Test our ideas
  • Value the challenge

In this week’s learning resource, you will find an activity related to this week’s expectation. Let us know how it went!

Math / Science

Be Curious: Ask “I Wonder” questions

This activity helps with counting as well as expanding on your child’s current math skills! We are curious when we value challenges and ask questions. Below is what you’ll need:

  • Objects for counting (this can be anything! Crayons, buttons, blocks…)


Support your child as they practice counting the objects. When they get as high as they can go, ask your child, “I wonder what number comes after” or “I wonder what would happen if I put some to the side, how many would be left?” Questions that can help your child think out loud and hands-on! This can help your child Be Curious while also helping extend their current skill!

Language / Literacy

Our Home and Our Family

Materials needed:

Paper, safe scissors, crayons, markers, glue, glue sticks

Spend time talking about your family with your child.   Where does our family live?  What is our home like?   What does our family look like?  What do we do together? 

Use the paper to let your child draw your home or family.   You can also let them use safe scissors to cut shapes that form a house and glue or tape together. 

Social Emotional

Who wears masks? 

As you prepare your child for wearing masks at school, you can encourage them.

Click on the link below and read or listen to a book about the different people wearing masks.  This link offers books read in many languages.   

When you are finished sharing the book, let your child create his or her own mask or choose what colors or fabrics they like if you have some at home.  They can also make some for their stuffed animals or dolls.

Who Wears Masks?

Language / Literacy

Alphabet Fun

Most of our children have goals to learn the alphabet.   The link below invites you and your child to think about what items begin with letters.   You can create a match game and let your child draw a picture on the same paper of the letter that starts with the object.    You can find more objects in your home, take pictures, and match the letters. 

Alphabet Fun