Volume 1

September 13, 2021

Hello, We are excited for the new School year to begin. We are getting ready to go back to in-person learning. We will being with weekly check-In’s with either Teacher Keke or Teacher Mareah. Below are some introduc-tion videos so your child can get use to our Faces. If you have any question please Let us know. Our Contract information is at the bottom of the page.

Teacher Introduction Videos
Passwords will be in the home learning plan.
Teacher KeKe- 302
Teacher Mareah—

Important Dates:
-Weekly Check-In’s-Every
Week with Teachers
-In Person classes Begin– October (More information to come)

Teacher Contact Information
Teacher Keke-
Phone: (206)335-0775 Email:
Teacher Mareah-
Phone:(206)253-6046 Email:

Math / Science

Online Game: Rock Sorting

Follow the link and help your child sort the rocks by color and size.


Language / Literacy

Activity: Parent Reading

Read your child favorite book to them. Then after your done try and have them re-tell the story back to you

Art / Writing

Activity: Drawing

Have your child draw a picture of our family. Them help them sign their name on the bottom.

Problem Solving

This is an article for parents on problem solving with your child.

10 Simple Activities to Teach Your Preschooler Problem Solving


Social Emotional

Online Game: Guess that Feeling

Help your child play the online game about feelings


Movement / Play

Video: Banana Banana Meatball

Play the video with you child. Help them with the pattern. Then after see if you can make your own patterns