Volume 1

October 11, 2021

Toddler Class 114B – Teacher Saida

Newsletter – Week of October 11th, 2021       Volume 1        


Hello every one!

My name is Saida Yusuf; I am EHS teacher, since 2014 in neighborhood house.

I greeting you all and I hope you are well and happy. Every week we have MS H/V meeting, When setting up the times to do our home visits I am flexible with what works best for you. We want to set them up for the same day/time each week but if you have something  at same time occasionally you can call me or text to me and I can change make another schedule.

Social Emotional

Approximate time per week: 30 minutes

For the toddler to express caring feeling and give hugs, pats, or high fives to other children.

Toddlers sometimes find difficult to learn to express affection to other children their partners do not cooperate; however, expressing affection is important.

Begin by complimenting the toddler on giving his teddy bear love he hugs it. When he is with another child and both seem to be sharing pleasurable feeling, ask him if he would like to give the child a hug. Do this a couple of times and then watch to see if the children hug, pat or high fives each other spontaneously.

Language / Literacy

Approximate time per week: 30minutes

For the toddler to expand language skills by talking about details in picture books.

  1. When you looking at a book with a 2-year-old, ask him to identify things in the pictures. Begin by asking him, where is[the dog]
  2. Choose another simple item in the picture and ask the child to point to the item you have chosen.
  3. Continue by asking him to identify other items in the picture.
  4. Later, ask him to tell you what is pictured on the page by asking him,“what is Be sue to offer a varity of interesting picture books The child favorite books this?

Math / Science

Approximate time per week: 30 Minutes

For the toddlers to recognize, sort and fit 3objects by shape.

If they do not have a shape sorter? They can this activity be made?  For example:

  1. Cut out a variety of shapes using paper or recycled cardboard (see shape examples above).
  2. Trace the shapes onto another piece of paper.
  3. Have your child try to match the cut out shapes to the drawn shapes
  4. Ask your child what shape they are holding, if they are not verbal you can identify the shapes along with them.

Problem Solving

Approximate time per week: 30 minutes.

Goal experience:- For toddlers to identify 1-8 color.

  1. Gathering a set of small objects in a can or a basket use only primary colors, 2 colors at a time.
  2. Lay out obects in a row ask the child, which one is red?
  3. Continue, using other objects and colors as is appropriate to the indivdual child. through out the day ask color through out the day as color.

Questions; for instance: whose shes are red? Or which ball is yellow? If you have at home.

Movement / Play

Approximate time per week: 40 minutes

Exploring new body motions: for the toddlers to explore new body movements.

Encourage the child to experience new motions with his hands. Stand facing the child and ask him to swing his arms, bend, turn around, touch his toes, grip his hands his back and so forth. If you have large mirror child look to the mirror and make the movement.

Art / Writing

Approximate time per week: 30

For toddler to begin representational drawing.

  1. Take out a paper and invite the child to draw with you.
  2. Ask the child to choose a large crayon or marker.
  3. Begin by showing the child how to draw a straight line, going from the top of the paper to the bottom or from the left to the right.
  4. Now let the child try drawing a line any way he choose.
  5. Next, model making a circle starting at the top of the page and circling to the right. It is not necessary for the child to copy your movements exactly, but you are modeling the beginning of writing and reading as you go left to right and top to the bottom.

(you need Paper, crayon or marker)