Volume 17

April 26, 2021

Teacher Tina, Teacher Briseida                           4/26 to 4/30

Here are our emails:

Teacher Tina:

Teacher Briseida:

Email us anytime if you have any questions.

Spring is here!

Hi everyoneJ

We wanted to remind you we will be continuing our Family Theme.

Remember to join onto the tools portal so that your child can engage

In the online learning activities on the portal. There are a variety of

Learning activities and theme related books for your children can

Interact with and enjoy.

Resources- Check out the Tools of the portal website.

Click the link below

We are on week 7 in the child center.

Your child can explore and learn online and interact in some additional learning activities. I emailed you the password.  

We appreciate you joining our video calls and socializations each week. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.


Video calls are at:

10am ,1130am, 1pm

Monday thru Thursday

Art / Writing



Torn paper collage art

You will need a variety of colors of paper, random little items like popsicle sticks, pencils, rubber bands, sticks, shapes. You will also need some glue. Be creative and enjoy.



-Set routines that are predictable: Establishing a consistent routine with your child, just like adults, when children can anticipate their day, they are better equipped to take on responsibilities.

-Let them choose: Give your children choices.

-Let them help: When you allow your children to help, you foster their confidence and give them an opportunity to learn something new.

-Give them chores or ways to help at home: Give your children simple tasks to do like cleaning up toys, helping put groceries away, load dishwasher, hanging up or folding laundry, help setting and cleaning up before and after meal times.

Language / Literacy

As you read books with your children. Asking them open ended questions and encourage them to tell you what the story was about. Ask them to see if they can tell you some details from the story.

Encourage your child to find and read books about families.

Click links below


*This is a video link of teacher Tina reading the story Mommy and me.

Here is another video of Teacher Tina doing make believe play.

Movement / Play

Outdoor fun

Water play

*Add a small amount of soap

Making music with kitchen utensils. Have fun

Math / Science

Helping measure in the kitchen

Any time you can ask your child to help you measure. Have the children help you pour liquid and other things using measuring cups, measuring spoons. Encourage the children to mix the things up and when they mix ask them to say Stir, stir, stir. They can also use their measuring tape to also measure things around your house. Have them tell you which number they see on their measuring tape.

Here is another video of Teacher singing our favorite songs.


Your child’s teacher will email you the password.

Creating patterns

Your child can use their color links or legos to create patterns on their own. Trey to get them to use 2 to 3 colors to create the patterns.