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May 1, 2020

Dear friends,

COVID-19 has had an impact on almost all of us. We’ve had to change how we work, socialize, practice our faith, and recreate. But for communities of color, these impacts can be devastating. 

According to data released last week by Johns Hopkins University, African Americans and other people of color are much more likely to get sick and die of COVID-19 . In New York City, African Americans are dying of COVID at twice the rate of total population. In Washington, Latinx people represented 29% of confirmed cases, even though they are only 13% of the population. And while COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate, these data paint a clear picture that the effects of COVID-19 are revealing long standing historical racism. African Americans, Latinx, people of color and immigrants are more likely to:

  • Work essential jobs where working from home is not an option;
  • Live in neighborhoods that lack access to healthy food, clean air, and safe recreation opportunities; and
  • Lack access to quality, affordable health care, free of racial bias. 

The people most impacted by this pandemic are Neighborhood House clients. We are on the front lines of this crisis, helping people stay safe, giving comfort to sick and disabled seniors, and connecting individuals and families to help and hope for the future post COVID. We’re helping people apply for unemployment benefits over the phone and online, sending out rental assistance checks, delivering and arranging for food and supply deliveries.  

We can support our community because you support us. Thank you! Together, we got this. 

Janice Deguchi