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Neighborhood House is here for our community. We are continuing to provide critical services and conducting appointments by phone and online. We are ready to assist our neighbors with navigating resources and support during this challenging time.

For help with rent and preventing eviction, contact:

We are able to assist City of Seattle residents who qualify as low-income and are at imminent risk of eviction. Contact: Marilynn (206) 825-2581 or

For community college students needing help with rent, contact: CeCe (206) 483-5122 or

For families with children in the Highline or Tukwila School District, contact your school’s counselor for a referral to SFSI program. For questions about this program, contact: Metesa  (206) 226-1837 or

For questions about how to access Rapid Rehousing, contact: Fartun (206) 356-1028 or (Arabic, Somali)

For help with finding a job or applying for unemployment benefits, contact one of our Employment Specialists:

Nadezhda (206) 227-8414 or (Russian, Ukrainian)
Molly (206) 272-0044 or (Burmese)
Kamaria (206) 730-3715 or (Amharic, Arabic, Oromo)
Joseph (206) 434-6590 or
Mohamed (206) 303-0602 or (Somali)
Naeem (206) 307-8839 or (Farsi, Dari, Pashto)
Roland (206) 430-8890 or (Burmese, Japanese)
Shena (206) 792-6744 or 

Marla (206) 430-8897 or

Program Managers:
Ali (206) 588-3878 or (Somali) 
Claudia (206) 376-0782 or (Spanish)

For help with support and caregiving for our aging community members and community members with disabilities, contact one of our ADS Resource Specialists or Care Coordinators:

Long Luu (206) 641-5167 or (Vietnamese)
Monica (206) 483-5114 or (Spanish)
Saad (206) 307-4883 or (Arabic)
Kea (206) 226-9741or (Cambodian/Khmer)
Efrem (206) 733-0089 or (Amharic/Tigrinya)
Valentyna (206) 234-7846 or (Russian, Ukrainian)
Tram (206) 939-0218 or (Vietnamese)
Wendosen (206) 461-4522 or (Amharic/Tigrinya)
Leila (206) 313-0991 or (Somali)
Phung (206) 353-5985 or (Vietnamese)

Program Supervisor/Managers:
Sonam (206) 234-1929 or (Nepali, Hindi, Sherpa)
Emy (206) 422-6493 or (Tagalog/Filipino)

For assistance with applying for Citizenship and preparing for the interview, contact:

Marissa (206) 734-0366 or