Neighborhood House
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Neighborhood House is here for our community. We are continuing to provide critical services and conducting appointments by phone and online. We are ready to assist our neighbors with navigating resources and support during this challenging time.

For help with support and caregiving for our aging community members and community members with disabilities, contact one of our ADS Resource Specialists or Care Coordinators:

Long Luu (206) 641-5167 or (Vietnamese)
Monica (206) 483-5114 or (Spanish)
Saad (206) 307-4883 or (Arabic)
Kea (206) 226-9741or (Cambodian/Khmer)
Efrem (206) 733-0089 or (Amharic/Tigrinya)
Valentyna (206) 234-7846 or (Russian, Ukrainian)
Tram (206) 939-0218 or (Vietnamese)
Wendosen (206) 461-4522 or (Amharic/Tigrinya)
Leila (206) 313-0991 or (Somali)
Phung (206) 353-5985 or (Vietnamese)

Program Supervisor/Managers:
Sonam (206) 234-1929 or (Nepali, Hindi, Sherpa)
Emy (206) 422-6493 or (Tagalog/Filipino)


For help with Medicaid long-term case management, contact one of our Case Managers or Case Aides:

Yalda Nafisinia (Lead Homecare Support Specialist): 206-923-6702 or (Farsi)
Viyan Abdulkhaliq (Lead Case Manager): 206-376-1016 or (Arabic) 
Alla Fihurska (Case Manager III): (Ukrainian/Russian)
Eritrea Alazar (Case Manager II): (Amharic/Tigrynia)
Reza Pedram (Case Manager III): (Farsi, Dari)
Larysa Shevchuck (Case Manager III): (Ukrainian/Russian)
Faezeh Hossain Khan (Case Manager II – Farsi) : (Farsi)
Faiza Abu (Nurse) : (Somali)
Lamia Barkat (Case Manager III): (Arabic)
Kevin Conor (Case Manager II) : (Arabic)
Lina Abulaban (Case Aide) : (Arabic) 
Mohammad Afzal Sarwari (Case Aide): (Farsi, Dari, Pashtu)

Program Manager:
Rimi Afroze (Aging and Disability Medicaid Manager): 206-832-6803 or