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  • A yes on Proposition 1 preserves access to parks and recreation for all Seattleites
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  • NH staff participate in national Community Learning Exchange
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  • Support Seattle Parks with Sustainable, Dedicated Funding
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  • Going Public: Region's First Financial Empowerment Center opens in Rainier Vista
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The mission of Neighborhood House is to help diverse communities of people with limited resources attain their goals for self-sufficiency, financial independence, health and community building.

From our earliest beginnings serving Jewish immigrants in the 1900s to our work today with people from numerous countries and cultures, Neighborhood House has helped generations of families fulfill the promise of America — an education for their children, self-sufficiency for their families and a meaningful place in a caring community.

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Chocolate for a cause

Know someone who loves chocolate? What could be better than getting them gourmet chocolate that will also support vital services for the region's most vulnerable? 
Fran's Chocolate, one of the Northwest's premier chocolatiers, donates a percentage of all purchases of Fran's Dark Chocolate Sauce (Item #500200) to benefit Neighborhood House and our mission to help people with limited resources attain self-sufficiency.

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One immigrant's road to U.S. citizenship
Jeilani Salim Abdalla
Jeilani Salim Abdalla’s journey from Somali refugee to American citizen began 14 years ago, shortly after militiamen invaded his home, shot and killed his son, and kidnapped his daughter.

Two days after finding his 20-year-old son dead and daughter gone, the former businessman fled with the rest of his family to Kenya, surviving a perilous 15-day ocean voyage on a small, overcrowded boat.

After living several years in a Kenyan refugee camp, his family secured a U.S. sponsor and arrived in this country in 1997. With help from Neighborhood House in Seattle, Jeilani started English classes and the process towards citizenship.

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